Terms & conditions

Kindly go through the Terms and Conditions of the Free Zone UAE website to keep yourselves informed of the Terms and Conditions of use.

Free Zone UAE has all rights to amend the terms and conditions from time to time. All the updated terms and conditions will be mentioned here. When you enter the Free Zone UAE website, it means that you have given consent to the terms and conditions without any restriction. This introduction is an integral part of the agreement and terms and conditions.

Use of the Free Zone UAE website
As you enter the Free Zone UAE website, you agree NOT to
  • Use the Free Zone UAE website or the services extended by them for any illegal purpose as per the terms and conditions
  • Use the website to insult or defame Free Zone UAE or others
  • Distribute or spread emails that are illegitimate or conflicting to the intellectual property rights
  • Download any email or file including codes, virus or any other software capable of damaging website, software or computer thereof
  • Store personal information for any third party
  • Damage or modify any of the contents of the website
  • Hack the Free Zone UAE website or test for any weak points on the website

Free Zone UAE is also eligible to monitor / change any content you add, without violating the terms and conditions.

Intellectual property rights
  • All trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property rights on the Free Zone UAE website (including but not limited to audio, reports, software, information, video, forms, moving pictures, images, charts, files, applications, text, slogans, artistic work, etc) included in or which can be reached through the Free Zone UAE website are property of Free Zone UAE or owned by it.
  • You can view, download and print the website content for personal purposes, provided:
    • You do not view or keep such files on any other server
    • You so not change any of the Free Zone UAE documents
    • All copies of the content that you derived from the website must mention it as Free Zone UAE intellectual property or trademark rights.
  • You are not entitled to alter, copy or try to reciprocate the website content for commercial purpose without written consent of Free Zone UAE.
Hyperlinks for other websites
  • Few among the hyperlinks see on website are not operated by the Free Zone UAE . Hence, we will not be responsible for failures of these hyperlinks.
  • Free Zone UAE provides hyperlinks merely as a facility but not for promotion of goods and services on any external websites.
  • When you move to esxternal weternal qensite by clicking on the hyperlinks on Free Zone UAE websitem you are subkjected to the terms and conditions of those xternal websites.
  • Free Zone UAE is not responsoible for any rpopblem arising otr content of such external website.
  • Sharing the content of websites connected with the Free Zone UAE website is not considered as acceptance and declaration by Free Zine UAE for the content or services.
  • In case of violation of the above mentioned terms and conditions of the Free Zone UAE website, Free Zone UAE will take all necessary, legal procedures including civil or criminal liability to prosecute the violator.